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AA POC: A Partnership Built for the Best

AA POC is a partnership built between Astra Asia and POC Management Consultancy. Through this, we are able to offer a wide range of services to clients looking to start their retirement planning or business set-up and registration.

Through Astra Asia, we can help clients, especially expats to set up and put in investments through their close relationships with professional experts and fund managers around the globe and ensure that clients achieve their financial goals, and the plans are suitable based on their needs and risk profiles. Life Insurance and Medical Insurance plans are also made available through Astra Asia and its partnerships with international insurance providers.

POC Management Consultancy, on the other hand, lets clients start and manage their businesses helping them in liaising between and among government offices to start their registrations and set-up requirements.

And together as AA POC, a more comprehensive solution is made available to every individual client and business owner looking to achieve their individual, financial, and business goals.

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